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New Boiler Options

Our current favoured boiler manufacture to install is Vaillant's sister company Glowworm.

This is based on value for money, however we are happy to provide quotes for others to give you an option.

Our glowworm boilers usually come with a free 5 year parts and labour warranty and are extendable to 15 years for £400.

We often install combi boilers, where the hot water is instantly available on demand. Whether it is a replacement boiler or you are changing from a system boiler, we are able to give you an accurate quote.

Another upgrade you may be interested in, is to transfer your vented system boiler to an unvented boiler, whether your choosing a combi or a system boiler.

This upgrade removes the small tank in your loft, and helps the efficiency of your system. A free visit will be required before work to check your systems requirements.

Vaillant advanced

installer 5-7 year 

warranty available free! 

Extendable to 10 years

If you have a system boiler and are looking to replace your cylinder or immersion, please find more details under the plumbing tab ^

Magnet Filters

We are big supporters of having magnet filters installed. As we have found strong evidence of them prolonging the life of systems, and stopping problems developing relating to sludge build up.

We usually install these with our boilers for just an extra £100

If you already have one, MAKE SURE YOU GET IT CLEANED, at least once a year! Or it maybe get full and be of no use.

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