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Why and What's Involved?

When steel or iron rusts underwater the rust appears as a black sludge. This black sludge collects in your radiators and boiler; and in vented systems, in the vent and feed pipes.

The black sludge usually originates from the radiators. Cast iron radiators are notorious for producing sludge. Occasionally the boiler can also contribute to the sludge. 

Sludge collecting and building up in your system can cause huge safety issues, bad heat distribution, poor radiator temperatures, and damage to the boiler and pump, causing system faults.

Some possible faults are: 


Combi Boilers

Boiler keeps locking out

Intermittent hot water

Hot water keeps going cold, warm then returning to very hot.

Some radiators are not heating up or are not as warm as others.

Radiators are cold and the bottom (where the sludge is).


System Boilers

Boiler keeps locking out with fault code.

Boiler does not heat radiators to hot
Boiler continually fires, and then goes out after a minute

Cylinder does not heat up fully, or until hot
Some radiators do not heat up as much as others

Radiators are cold at the bottom .

These are a few common faults with the system.

If you think that you have sludge building up in your system – act now! If you wait the sludge could cause your pipes to require replacement and damage your boiler beyond repair. 

We have the best equipment to powerflush, and we send a two man crew so as to under take the power flushing thoroughly and cleanly.

We have carried out powerflushing on all varieties of décor and furnishings – from cream carpets to white walls, all without leaving a mark! 

Costs start from £430, and a free consultation visit is offered if you are interested in the service.

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