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Boiler Servicing


Gas Boilers standard service - £60 + VAT

LPG Boiler standard service - £65 + VAT

Oil Boiler Standard service - £95 + VAT

What's included in the gas/lpg standard service?

This depends on your boiler age and manufactures advice. If it's an open burner (old boiler) then the heat exchanger will be cleaned and the boiler check for correct operation. On a closed burner boiler (modern boiler) only the airways and condense trap and probes (if accessible) are cleaned. This is what is recommended as the heat exchanger is designed to keep it's self clean and wash the debris into the trap. Occasionally however these do need opening up and cleaning, this can mean replacing the burner seal which is at further cost. This is often called a strip service and is at further cost, determining if one is needed is done by the boilers age, test results and environment (if water such as a stream or pond is near the flue terminal it is more likely required)

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